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Success Cases

“Leanware is transparent, and they’re very honest with the work that they do.”

Christopher Massood
Co-Founder & CEO, Elephant CPA
New Jersey, United States

“Leanware’s biggest strengths are their dedication and affordable fees.”

 Barb Heathcote
Manager of Dental Engagement, Docbraces - Canada

"Leanware has met our timelines and delivered everything on time."

Development Program Manager
Consulting Company
Arizona, United States

"They design the project and develop solutions that guarantee the quality and useability of deliverables."

Rory Adamson
General Manager, Blueback Global
United Kingdom

"We are impressed by their ability to stick to the budget, provided that we stick to the requirements."

Pieter de Villiers
CEO, Macanta
London, United Kingdom

“They maintain really clear communication.”

Andres Kuoppa
Co-Founder, Toleap Consulting AB

"Each of them responded quickly, clearly, and helpfully to all queries."

Deborah Tantardini
Managing Director, BackupTyping Ltd
New Jersey, United States

“Leanware is incredibly responsive. Their team is quick to reply and fantastic at tackling problems.”

Paul Abrams
VP of Marketing, Canadian Orthodontic Partners Canada

"Leanware’s work has impacted us in a positive way."

Jonathan Rojas
CEO, Ibisa

"They offer great support."

Diego Paz
Digital Transformation Lead, Omnicon

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