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Engagement Models



With this model you will be able to add professionals to work alongside your existing team to fill skill gaps, increase capacity, and provide specialized expertise as needed.
When to use
When the project requires specialized skills that are not available in-house.
When the organization wants to maintain control over the day-to-day project execution and has the skills to manage each of its team members.
When the organization wants to reduce costs associated with hiring and training full-time employees.
When there is a temporary increase in workload that cannot be handled by the existing in-house team.

Managed Team

Under this model, we provide a team of professionals to work on a project for a specific period of time, during which you can adjust the scope as needed. We are responsible for managing the team, ensuring quality, providing senior-level guidance, configuring the right toolset, and meeting project standards.
This model makes sense when you
Don't have the necessary technical expertise or time to manage a specific project.
Want to reduce the risks associate with hiring and training new employees.
Wants to maintain control over the project while outsourcing the development process. 
Need a cost effective solution to execute software development projects.
Don't have the necessary technical expertise or time to manage a specific project.




The project is relatively small and can be completed within a fixed timeline and budget.
The client wants to minimize project risks and uncertainties.
This model works when:
Under this model, we deliver a specific project scope under a predefined timeline and budget. Scope and specifications need to be 100% detailed.
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