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We are a group of professionals from different disciplines with the firm conviction that technology must adapt to people and not the other way around. We are passionate about improving people’s daily lives using technology.

Our Mindset

We stay lean, keeping things as simple as possible without sacrificing quality.



We focus on ethics, transparency quality, and craftmanship to deliver world-class applications.
We promote a positive culture with work-life balance for our developers and a focus on delivering a positive impact in our projects.



Value Proposition Market Fit

Then, the pandemic hit, and all of those projects were cancelled. They had to quickly pivot into other markets to keep the company afloat.

Curiously, our mindset and methodologies were a natural match for US and Canada-based clients, and we never looked back.


Early Days

Carlos and Jarvy started Leanware in February 2020 in Colombia. At that time, there were some projects ready to be built and everything seemed on track. They were also the only developers at that time in the company.


Quality-Led Growth

Currently, Leanware has evolved into a company of around 30 people, all of them based in Colombia, and we've evolved our culture around work ethics, transparency, quality and work/life balance for our employees.

Our Journey

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