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Case Studies

Explore a collection of our remarkable case studies, where technology meets transformation. Leanware takes pride in showcasing real-world success stories that highlight the power of innovation and collaboration.

Managed Team

Algorithmic Trading Solution

Explore how Leanware's automated trading solution improved 2Moon's operations, optimizing strategies and enhancing profitability in volatile markets.

Staff Augmentation

Computer Vision SaaS Application Development

Discover how Leanware transformed Groundlight's SaaS application, enhancing safety compliance in manufacturing through improved AI and UX design.

Managed Team

Management SaaS Solution for small to mid-sized accounting firms.

Discover how Leanware created ElephantCPA's enhanced platform - improved functionality, cybersecurity, and cost-effectiveness.

Managed Team

Wedding Planner SaaS Application Development

Explore top-tier Wedding Planner SaaS Application Development services. Discover how our innovative solutions transform wedding planning into a seamless, digital experience

Managed Team

Therapy & Mental Health Custom Application Development

Learn about the custom application created for Leena by Leanware. See the services provided, tech stack used, and more.

Managed Team

Dental Custom Software Development

Discover the journey of Leanware in developing bespoke dental software for COP - Canadian Orthodontic Partners, showcasing our custom solution's impact and innovation.

Managed Team

Transcription Company Web App Development

Discover how Leanware transformed BackupTyping's operations with a user-friendly, efficient digital platform. Explore our agile, responsive development journey.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation for a Software Consultant

Discover how Leanware's custom web application revolutionized ENOVIS's janitorial project management and boosted operational efficiency.

Managed Team

Custom Payroll Management Software.

Explore the Aggie case study, showcasing how Leanware's software development streamlined international employee management for a efficient global business expansion.

Managed Team

Custom Web App for Business Process Organization

Discover how Leanware's web app development enhanced Omnicon's operational technology consultancy boosting project management and business processes.

Leanware: Your Trusted Partner in Quality-Focused Software Development

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