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Angular Development Services

Leanware: Angular Development Services

Angular development is the driving force behind some of the world's most versatile web application projects.

Boost your digital presence and bring dynamic, powerful functions to your web applications with the help of Leanware’s Angular app development team.

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Leanware is a Trusted Partner for Great American Companies.

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Understanding Angular Development

Angular development stands at the forefront of modern web and mobile application design, offering a robust framework for creating dynamic, responsive, and efficient applications. At its core, Angular utilizes TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, which provides more structure and maintainability to the code.

Leanware excels in delivering Angular applications that are not only high-performing and scalable but also provide a superior user experience, making it an optimal choice for modern app development.

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Angular for Single Page Applications (SPA)

Our Angular development services excel in creating responsive, interactive Single-Page Applications (SPAs) that only need to be loaded once, making them fast and powerful.

Angular for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Looking for consistent performance and interface across iOS, Android, and other platforms? Angular helps your app reach a wider audience with ease.

Choose Your Angular Development Service

Leanware offers Full-Stack Development Services to meet the specific needs of clients and projects. 🚀

Cleaner, More Maintainable Code

We utilize TypeScript with Angular, leading to simpler code management, enhanced maintainability, and a reduction in coding errors under the Javascript framework.

 Enhanced Performance

Our use of Angular's Ivy renderer means your app will have improved performance, with faster compilation, better debugging, and smaller file sizes.

Improved Discoverability

Make your app stand out. Our experts will craft you an app that is functional and optimized for searchability and visibility on app stores.

Why Is Angular Development So Effective?

Unified Development for All Platforms

We provide a consistent experience across the web, mobile web, native mobile, and native desktop, thanks to Angular's unified development approach.


Angular's proven scalability, demonstrated in large-scale applications like Google's AdWords and Google Cloud Platform, ensures your app can grow as your business does.

Backed by Google

With Google's backing of Angular web development, you can rest assured that the technology we use is reliable, cutting-edge, and here for the long haul.

Case Study: The Success of Angular Solutions

This company had the right angle. Learn how we help our clients use Angular development to their advantage.

BackupTyping: Transcription Company

Previously hampered by outdated software and manual processes, BackupTyping faced challenges in efficiently managing its transcription process. This negatively impacted scalability and left clients feeling dissatisfied. Using Angular solutions, Leanware addressed these challenges by creating an end-to-end digital platform comprising both an agile mobile app (iOS and Android) and a dynamic web app. This Angular software development project not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the efficiency of the dictation process. The mobile app played a crucial role in this transformation, offering a user-friendly experience customized with advanced features like chats, real-time notifications, billing, analytics, and CRM functionalities.


  • Streamlined operations with mobile and web app integration.

  • Enhanced user experience through tailored design and intuitive user journeys.

  • Role-based access control for efficient task management.

  • Advanced functionalities including chats, notifications, billing, analytics, and CRM.

  • Agile and responsive development for continuous refinement and adaptation.


  • Comprehensive solution development with mobile and web apps.

  • User-centric design through iterative prototyping of UX and user journeys.

  • Streamlined workflow with role-based system implementation.

  • Enhanced business operations with integrated advanced features like chats, notifications, and analytics.

Want to learn more about how we helped BackupTyping revolutionize its transcription process? View our full case study here.

Our Angular Development Process

1. Initial Consultation to Outline Features and Budget

Our web app development process starts with an initial consultation to align our strategies with your objectives. During this meeting, we'll discuss the potential features of your app, along with a cost and development time estimate.


2. Client Conversations and Developer Meetings

We value the importance of clear communication. To honor this, we offer you the chance to meet your developers face-to-face in a virtual 1-on-1. This helps to solidify your vision and guarantee that we meet your expectations.

3. Discussion on Architecture, Brand Identity, and User Interface

The architecture and user interface of your application, alongside the brand identity you choose, are all crucial aspects of your app's success. We discuss these in detail to ensure your app is effective, scalable, and engaging for everyone who uses it.

4. Choosing the Right Methodology and Workflow

Each client has a unique approach to project management. We collaborate with you to identify and implement an effective development methodology and workflow for your project, be it Scrum, Kanban, or a customized blend.

5. Rigorous Testing by Our Development Team

We uphold the highest standards of quality. Our development team conducts rigorous testing, utilizing their intimate knowledge of your application to detect and fix problems, improve code quality, and ensure compatibility with multiple platforms.

6. Launch and Ongoing Maintenance

Once your app is refined and ready, we oversee the launch of your application on designated platforms. From there, we provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring your React JS web application continues to knock it out of the park time and time again.

Hear What Startups and Companies Are Saying About Leanware

"Leanware's adaptability in project methodology greatly enhances our unique startup operations."

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Ricardo Patino,

CEO 2MoonCapital

“Leanware is transparent, and they’re very honest with the work that they do.”

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Christopher Massood, 

Manager ElephantCPA

"Leanware's adaptability in project methodology greatly enhances our unique startup operations."

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Barb Heathcote, 

Manager docbraces

Make a Competitive App with Angular Development

Whether it's transforming your ideas into impactful products, engaging your audience with dynamic interfaces, or scaling your application to meet future demands, our dedicated team is committed to propelling your business forward in the digital landscape. Partner with Leanware to experience the transformative power of a leading Angular development company tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Sets Angular Apart for Web Development and Mobile App Development?

Angular is renowned for building strong and adaptable web and mobile applications. Its key feature is two-way data binding, which accelerates development by instantly updating user interfaces and data. The framework uses reusable components, ideal for managing large projects, and employs TypeScript, a superset of Javascript, for enhanced security and maintenance. Angular is also effective for creating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and cross-platform mobile apps, supported by agile tools like Angular CLI that simplify the development process.

How Do We Tailor Angular Solutions for Different Industries?

We customize Angular solutions to meet the distinct business requirements of various industries and understand their unique challenges. Our strategy focuses on developing industry-specific functionalities using Angular's modular architecture, ensuring seamless integration with industry-standard tools and compliance. Our solutions prioritize scalability and robust security, tailored to support each business sector's growth and data protection needs.

Why Migrate to Angular?

Migrating to Angular improves your app's performance and user experience. Hire Angular developers to make your app faster and more interactive with effective data handling in both the frontend and the backend. Angular makes it easy to maintain your app because of its organized structure, and it’s great for mobile devices. Google updates Angular with the latest web tech, ensuring your app stays modern. Plus, Angular's tools, like the CLI, make mobile and web application development smoother and less prone to mistakes.

We love to take on new challenges, tell us yours.

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  • You’ll be talking to product and tech experts (no account managers)

  • You will receive a customized plan and budget for your project.

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Component-Based Angular Architecture

We use Angular development to build modular, reusable, and easily maintainable components, ensuring your app’s component-based architecture is scalable and adaptable.

Migration to the Angular Framework

Make the move to Angular. We’ll migrate your existing applications to the Angular framework so you can enjoy high performance, enhanced user experience, and streamlined code management.

Angular Consulting and Strategy

Gain strategic insights from our Angular experts. We provide comprehensive consulting services to align Angular's capabilities with your business goals.

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