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2Moon Capital

Algorithmic Trading Solution


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2Moon Capital




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2Moon was looking for a reliable partner to develop a scalable product that encapsulates their trading strategies, ensuring successful and efficient programming of their operations.

As a trading company, 2Moon required a sophisticated solution to manage and execute trading strategies efficiently, especially given the dynamic and often volatile nature of financial markets.

Leanware's solution for 2Moon resolved the critical need for an automated, reliable, and scalable trading system, enhancing the company's ability to execute and manage complex trading strategies efficiently.

2Moon's initiative focused on creating an efficient trading system that could respond dynamically to market signals and manage multiple trading strategies and accounts effectively.



Event-Driven Serverless Architecture: 

Our team of Data Engineers and Software Architects designed and implemented a serverless architecture that is event-driven. This architecture supports the automation of trading strategies and ensures scalability and reliability.

Workflow Implementation for Trading Strategies: 

We developed workflows containing the business logic, forming the core of the automated trading strategies. These strategies are adjustable based on algorithmic results to maximize positive trading outcomes.

Development of Joshua: Joshua, the brain of the bot, is a specialized library containing business logic for selecting optimal contracts and closing conditions, vital for effective trading decisions.

Integration with Trading Platforms & Interactive Brokers: 

The bot was designed to interpret signals from Postman and TradingView, executing buy, sell, and close orders, and modifying strategy statuses. These alerts ultimately translate into orders on Interactive Brokers' systems.

Multi-Strategy and Account Management:

 The bot can handle multiple trading strategies and operate across various Interactive Brokers accounts, showcasing its versatility and robustness.

Multiple Production Environments: 

We maintained three paper trading (simulated) environments and one real money trading environment, ensuring thorough testing and real-world applicability.


Before Leanware:

  • 2Moon faced challenges in automating and efficiently executing trading strategies.

  • The company needed a scalable and reliable solution to optimize trading outcomes.

After Implementing Leanware’s Solution:

  • Interactive Brokers Integration: This integration played a critical role in operationalizing and optimizing 2Moon's automated trading strategies.

  • Automated Trading System: The bot, powered by Joshua, effectively automates trading decisions, enhancing the speed and accuracy of operations.

  • Optimized Trading Strategies: The event-driven architecture allows for the dynamic adjustment of strategies, improving profitability and reducing risks.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The serverless architecture ensures the system's scalability, handling multiple strategies and accounts without compromising performance.

  • Effective Risk Management: The use of paper trading environments alongside a real-money environment enables effective risk management and strategy testing.

  • Enhanced Trading Outcomes: Overall, the automation and intelligent strategy management have led to more efficient and potentially more profitable trading operations.

Through these developments, 2Moon has successfully transitioned to an advanced, automated trading system, positioning itself strongly in the competitive trading industry.

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