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Therapy & Mental Health Custom Application Development


Product Manager, UX / UI Designer, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead, Agile Software Development Team





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Leena is a digital platform designed to streamline the therapy process between therapists and their patients

Traditionally, therapists and patients face challenges in scheduling appointments, managing billing, sharing and accessing forms, and effectively tracking client information and progress notes. This often leads to administrative burdens and hinders the smooth flow of therapy sessions.

To solve these issues, Leanware engineered an end-to-end digital platform that streamlines these processes. 

It allows therapists to easily book appointments, create billing statements, share forms, and view client information and notes. 

Meanwhile, clients benefit from features like selecting a therapist through an intelligent, matching system, reviewing therapy notes, updating their profile information, changing payment methods, downloading receipts, and customizing appointment reminders.

React, Typescript, Django, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitHub Actions

Tech Stack Involved

Our software development efforts for Leena encompassed several key areas:

UI and UX Enhancement:

We improved the therapist's ability to reschedule sessions, access client profiles, and manage appointment types and billing. For the client side, we focused on enhancing the ease of booking sessions and the responsiveness of the platform.

Match Flow Algorithm Development:

A crucial part of our service was developing the Match Flow algorithm, which intelligently pairs therapists with clients based on specific needs detailed in their profiles.

Backend Admin Panel for Leena

Our team developed a secure and user-friendly backend admin panel. This panel serves as a pivotal tool for managing the platform's comprehensive functionalities. It enables administrators to upload and manage forms for therapists, oversee all therapy sessions, and view detailed client information and documents. This admin panel is designed with a focus on ease-of-use, ensuring that Leena's staff can efficiently manage the platform’s operations.


After Leanware’s Solution Approach:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Both therapists and clients now enjoy a more intuitive, responsive, and efficient platform.

  • Intelligent Matching: The Match Flow algorithm effectively pairs therapists with clients, enhancing satisfaction and improving therapy outcomes.

  • Business Insights: Enhanced reporting features allow for in-depth analysis of customer experiences and session data, crucial for strategic planning.

  • Global Accessibility: The multi-time zone scheduling feature caters to users across different regions, making the platform universally accessible.

  • Streamlined Operations: Therapists can now manage appointments, billing, and client information more effectively, while clients have a smoother process for booking sessions and managing their profiles.

Leena has successfully transformed the way therapists and patients interact, making the therapeutic process more efficient and user-friendly.

From Blueprint to Delivery



Our mission was to revolutionize the therapy experience through an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to meet the unique needs of therapists and their clients.

  • Seamless Experience: We reimagined the platform to ensure therapists can reschedule sessions, access comprehensive client profiles, and easily handle billing. Clients enjoy a streamlined booking process and a responsive design that makes managing therapy sessions straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Powerful Admin Tools: We developed a secure, user-friendly backend admin panel that empowers Leena’s staff to manage the platform efficiently. Administrators can easily upload and manage forms, oversee all therapy sessions, and access detailed client information, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Insightful Analytics: Our enhanced reporting features provide deep insights into customer experiences and session data.

Through these UX and UI innovations, Leena has set a new standard for digital therapy platforms. By simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing the user experience, we’ve made the therapeutic process more effective, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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Follow user stories to create complex components integrating states, data, and functions.

Webflow responsive design integrating matching flow and pricing calculator.

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