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Transcription Company Web App Development


Product Manager, UX / UI Designer, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead, Agile Software Development Team





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BackupTyping is a rapidly expanding property dictation company based in the UK. 

BackupTyping's main problem was the increasing complexity and inefficiency in its operations due to the use of outdated software and manual processes. 

BackupTyping faced challenges in efficiently managing the transcription process, which includes receiving jobs (documents, audios, instructions), processing them, and delivering the finished work to clients. The manual and outdated methods hindered the company's ability to scale effectively and maintain high levels of accuracy and client satisfaction.

Leanware addressed these challenges by developing an end-to-end digital platform, which included both a Mobile App and a Web App. This platform streamlined the entire business process, from job receipt to delivery.



Our software development team's contribution to BackupTyping included several key services:

Comprehensive Solution Development: 

We developed both a Mobile App (iOS and Android) and a Web App, focusing on enhancing the overall transcription process.

User Experience Design: 

We prototyped and iterated the UX and User Journeys in close collaboration with business stakeholders, ensuring the final product was user-centric and efficient.

Role-Based System Implementation: 

The web app was designed with three distinct roles (Typist, Manager, and Admin) to streamline workflow and data access according to user permissions.

Integration of Advanced Features: 

The solution includes chats, real-time notifications, billing features, analytics, and CRM functionalities to support and enhance the business operations.


Before Leanware:

  • BackupTyping struggled with outdated software and manual processes, leading to operational inefficiencies.

  • Limited digital capabilities hindered the company’s growth and scalability.

After Leanware’s Solution Approach:

  • Streamlined Operations: The introduction of the mobile and web apps significantly improved the efficiency of the dictation process.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The tailored UX design and user journeys made the platform intuitive and user-friendly for all roles.

  • Role-Based Access Control: The web app's role-based system ensured efficient management of tasks and secure access to relevant information.

  • Advanced Functionalities: The integration of chats, notifications, billing, analytics, and CRM features provided comprehensive support for business operations.

  • Agile and Responsive Development: Our agile development approach allowed for continuous refinement and adaptation to BackupTyping’s evolving needs.

Through these improvements, BackupTyping has successfully transitioned into a more efficient, digitally advanced company, positioning itself for further growth and success in the property dictation industry.

From Blueprint to Delivery


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