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Transform Your Business with Expert AI Consulting Services

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Leanware’s expertise in AI integration brings efficiency and advanced capabilities to your startup product or business app.

Trusted partner for great startups and companies.

Wedding Planner SaaS Application 

Plannerd is an innovative platform designed to transform the wedding planning experience. 

Leanware integrated advanced AI features into Plannerd, significantly enhancing the platform's functionality and user experience. Key AI-driven enhancements include:


  • Communication Copilot: Streamlines communication between users, making coordination more efficient.

  • Intelligent Recommendations: Provides personalized suggestions based on user preferences, improving decision-making.

  • Smart Budgeting & Expense Tracking: Offers efficient budgeting solutions, helping users manage expenses effectively and reducing the stress associated with financial planning.

AI Trading Solution

2Moon Capital, a financial services firm, required an efficient, scalable solution to automate their complex trading strategies.


Leanware developed an advanced AI-driven system for 2Moon Capital, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and a serverless architecture. This solution provided several key benefits:

  • Automated Decision-Making: Enhanced trading capabilities by automating complex decision-making processes.

  • Improved Efficiency and Profitability: Streamlined trading operations, leading to increased operational efficiency and profitability.

Our AI services

Engage Your Customers & Lead the Market

How to Integrate AI into Your Business?

Integrations with OpenAI

Enhance your existing business or startup product with OpenAI's LLM capabilities. 

Integrations with AI Using Low-Code Solutions

With tools like Zapier and Make to create seamless workflows that connect your existing applications with advanced AI capabilities.

Custom AI Model Integration

Depending on your product needs, we select the best AI models, such as GPT-4, LLaMA, Claude, and more.

What Startups and Companies Are Saying About Leanware

"Leanware's adaptability in project methodology greatly enhances our unique startup operations."

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Ricardo Patino,

CEO 2MoonCapital

“Leanware is transparent, and they’re very honest with the work that they do.”

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Christopher Massood, 

Manager ElephantCPA

"Leanware's adaptability in project methodology greatly enhances our unique startup operations."

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Barb Heathcote, 

Manager docbraces

Boost your business with AI capabilities


Boost your product’s performance with advanced AI features, making it smarter and more efficient.


Achieve greater efficiency by reducing time, costs, and resource use, while consistently delivering high-quality products and services.

Secure Data Utilization

Implement AI solutions using proprietary data own data securely, without sharing it with third parties.

Client spotlight

See how AI can enhance customer experience, boost sales, support marketing, and optimize workflows. Explore our case studies to see our AI projects in action.

Let AI Empower Your Business. 

Discover our solutions.


By leveraging our Custom AI Model Integration service, you can unlock new capabilities, streamline operations, and provide superior experiences for your users.

We select the AI model that best fits your needs during our consultation. We tune this model with your proprietary data to ensure optimal performance and relevance.


Our tailored approach ensures that the integrated AI solutions are aligned with your business objectives, delivering maximum impact and efficiency.

  • Use case identification

  • Data mapping and quality assessment

  • Advisory with initial project setup

  • Development process review

  • Solution architecture design

  • Tech stack selection

  • Project budgeting

  • MVP conceptualization

  • Risk management strategy creation

  • User training and support


After selecting the right model and designing the appropriate architecture, we start integrating it seamlessly with your existing API. If your product lacks a valid API, our team will develop a custom API solution tailored to your needs.

Then the process includes rigorous testing with relevant datasets to identify what works. This ensures that we can optimize the outputs and prompts effectively, tailoring the AI solution to meet your specific business requirements and enhance overall performance.

  • Data pre-processing (cleansing, annotation, transformation)

  • Data protection

  • Cybersecurity elaboration

  • AI algorithm selection

  • AI model training

  • Development process review

  • Software integrations and APIs creation

  • UX/UI and visualization setup

  • Deployment to the production environment

  • End-to-end testing

  • Post-launch support, updates and modernization

Benefits of Integrating Your Business with AI

Engage Your Customers & Lead the Market

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