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Elephant CPA

Management SaaS Solution for small to mid-sized accounting firms.


Product Manager, UX / UI Designer, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead, Agile Software Development Team

Elephant CPA




Managed Team


ElephantCPA, a dynamic platform designed to streamline interactions between accountants and their clients.

They had a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in place but were eager to elevate their platform in terms of functionalities, stability, and cybersecurity. This ambitious goal marked the beginning of an exciting collaboration.



Enhancing Functionality and Stability

The core of this transformation was the implementation of a large 130+ user stories. These stories were meticulously crafted to cover every facet of the ElephantCPA platform. 

Resulting in a product that exceeded user expectations. Functionality was elevated to a new standard, ensuring a seamless experience for accountants and clients alike.

But the project didn't stop there. Leanware took an in-depth look at ElephantCPA's existing architecture. Through a Cloud Advisory, they identified opportunities for simplification. The outcome was a significant 80% reduction in Cloud costs, a remarkable achievement that added efficiency to the cost-effectiveness equation. Furthermore, this architecture overhaul had the added benefit of enhancing cybersecurity, reducing exposure, and fortifying the platform's defenses against potential threats.


The result was an ElephantCPA platform that set a new standard in accountant-client interactions. The stability, security, and feature-rich nature of the platform empowered accountants and clients, making their professional relationships more efficient, secure, and productive.

Leanware's unwavering dedication to quality and their technical expertise turned ElephantCPA's ambitious vision into a tangible success story.

From Blueprint to Delivery


Looking for a World-Class App Development? 

Let's chat about it.

React, TypeScript, NodeJS, MySQL, GCP Cloud Run, Containers, App Engine, Cloud Storage Buckets and Integrations with Stripe, SendGrid and Zoho.

Tech Stack Involved

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