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Custom Web App for Business Process Organization


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Managed Team



Omnicon is an experienced company in the technology sector, specializing in manufacturing automation. With over 30 years of industry experience, Omnicon is an integrated manufacturing automation partner.

The company's expertise spans various significant production segments, including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining & cement, oil & gas, and utilities. Omnicon's focus has always been on understanding customer needs and delivering manufacturing intelligence solutions to meet the challenges of the modern era.

Angular, Node.js, MySQL, Knex.js, and Objection.js,

Tech Stack Involved

Leanware's involvement led to the development of Kairos, a comprehensive web app solution developed specifically for Omnicon's needs.

Kairos facilitates the entire business process organization for Omnicon’s team, including project leaders, engineers, and developers.

  • Project and Team Management Features: Kairos enables project leaders to assign and manage activities, streamlining the workflow within the team.

  • Billing and Business Process Reporting: The app includes features for generating billing reports and tracking various business processes, which are essential for financial and operational oversight.

The web app was built using a robust tech stack comprising Angular, Node.js, MySQL, Knex.js, and Objection.js, ensuring a powerful, efficient, and scalable solution.


Before Leanware:

  • Omnicon, with more than 250 engineers around the world, faced challenges in managing structured teams, billing, and business processes.

  • Their existing low-code solution needed to be improved for the expanding scale of their operations.

After Implementing Leanware Solutions:

  • Streamlined Business Processes: Leanware developed a unified platform for organizing Omnicon's entire business process, enhancing efficiency and coordination among teams.

  • Enhanced Project Management: The ability to assign and monitor activities through the web app improved project management and operational transparency.

  • Robust Reporting Capabilities: Features for billing and business process reporting enabled Omnicon to maintain better control over its financial and operational aspects.

  • Technical Advancement: The use of a sophisticated tech stack in Kairos ensured the application's reliability, scalability, and performance, aligning with Omnicon's growth and technological needs.

Kairos, developed by Leanware, emerged as a pivotal solution for Omnicon, addressing their operational challenges and significantly contributing to the optimization of their business tasks in the manufacturing industry's digital OT consultancy sector.

From Blueprint to Delivery



To optimize Omnicon’s business process organization, we focused on developing a sophisticated, user-friendly web application tailored to the needs of their team, including project leaders, engineers, and developers.

  • Intuitive Dashboard: We designed an intuitive dashboard that offers a clear overview of all ongoing projects and activities. This user-centric interface allows project leaders to easily assign and manage tasks, ensuring streamlined workflow and efficient team coordination.

  • Interactive Project Management: The application features interactive project management tools that facilitate task assignment and monitoring. Visual progress indicators and drag-and-drop functionality enhance user experience, making it easy for team members to stay on track and for project leaders to maintain oversight.

  • Comprehensive Billing and Reporting: We integrated advanced billing and business process reporting features, presented through clear and interactive charts and graphs. This functionality provides users with real-time financial insights, helping them track expenses and monitor business processes effectively.

  • User-Friendly Navigation: The web app's design emphasizes ease of navigation, with a clean layout and well-organized menus. This ensures that users can quickly access the information and tools they need, enhancing overall productivity.

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