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Leanware Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader and Honored as a Clutch Champion for 2023

Updated: Feb 16

Leanware Awards Clutch Champion and Global Company Software Dev Team

Dual Recognition for Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that, aligned with our innovative efforts on the software development space, we have received dual recognition as a 2023 Global Award winner and Clutch Champion for software development services on Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers and business reviews resource.

Consistent Journey and Efforts

Our journey at Leanware is marked by industry expertise and a knack for delivering stellar results. This has been echoed through numerous client testimonials on Clutch, underlining our commitment and capabilities.

Leanware has been acknowledged for its industry expertise and ability to deliver outstanding results, as reflected in the feedback from numerous client reviews published on Clutch.

As a Clutch Global Award winner for the third consecutive year, Leanware stands out for its consistent excellence and client satisfaction.

Moreover, being named a 2023 Fall Clutch Champion, among the top 10% of Clutch Global winners, Leanware has demonstrated its top-rated leadership in the software development industry.

A Word from Our CEO

"It's an immense honor for Leanware to be recognized both as a Clutch Global Leader and a Clutch Champion for 2023. These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of our talented team, who have consistently strived to deliver innovative and effective software solutions to our clients. We believe in creating value through technology, and this recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow and evolve, these awards serve as a testament to our journey and our promise to be at the forefront of digital transformation."

— Carlos Martinez, CEO, Leanware.

“We are thrilled to showcase the incredible success of leading companies worldwide on our platform. Their dedication to delivering outstanding services has not only contributed to their own success but has also empowered countless clients to thrive. We aim to highlight this year's industry frontrunners and facilitate connections for Clutch users seeking top-notch services tailored to their specific needs."

— Sonny Ganguly, CEO Clutch.

Leanware at a Glance

Founded in 2020 in Bogotá, Colombia, Leanware boasts a robust team of 30 professionals. Specializing in software, web, and app development, along with cybersecurity and custom software solutions. Our ethos revolves around quality, transparency, ethics, and a balanced work-life approach.

View our recent work and reviews on our Clutch profile here.

Leanware Award Clutch Champion Software badge

Leanware Awards Global Company Software badge


ABOUT CLUTCH: Clutch empowers better business decisions as the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. More than 1 million business leaders start at Clutch each month to read in-depth client interviews and discover trusted agency partners to meet their business needs. Clutch has been honored for the past 6 consecutive years as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company and by the Washington Business Journal as one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the DC metro area for 2023.


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