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Custom Payroll Management Software.


Product Manager, UX / UI Designer, Solution Architect, Client Engagement Lead, Agile Software Development Team





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Client Overview

Aggie is a sophisticated platform designed to bridge the gap between Blueback Global, an HR service provider, and its clients, particularly in the realm of international business expansion.

The core challenge Aggie addresses is streamlining communication and information exchange between Blueback Global and its clients while simplifying the complexity of managing large-scale payroll processes across different countries.

The platform facilitates the expansion of companies into new international markets by efficiently handling payroll processes and employee contracts.



Services Provided

The development and implementation of Aggie included several key features and functionalities:

  1. Platform Development: Creation of a web app platform that allows seamless interaction between Blueback Global and its clients for employee management across different countries.

  2. Normalization of HR Data: Ensuring that employees from different countries have flexible and consistent fields for analytics purposes

  3. Integration with Existing Systems: Incorporating the capability to interface with various platforms used by clients to store and manage information.

  4. Automated Employee Management Workflow: Implementing a full workflow for employee management, including the creation, updating, and payroll processing for employees. This includes unique identification for each record, comparison with existing databases, and appropriate actions based on the status of the employee in the system.

  5. Payroll Processing System: Designing a system that manages payroll processes, beginning on specific dates each month, with checks for employee record existence and notifications for any discrepancies.

  6. Document Management: Automating the generation, approval, and distribution of payroll-related documents, such as spreadsheets and payslips, via the platform.


Results: "From Blueprint to Delivery"

Before Leanware:

  • Blueback Global faced challenges in managing international payroll processes and employee contracts efficiently.

  • The complexity of handling diverse contracts and payroll systems across different countries led to operational inefficiencies.

After Implementing Leanware Solutions:

  • Streamlined International Payroll Processes: Aggie provided a unified platform for managing payroll processes, reducing complexity, and increasing efficiency.

  • Enhanced Communication and Coordination: The platform facilitated better communication between Blueback Global and its clients, ensuring clear and efficient management of international employee contracts.

  • Standardized Contract Management: The ability to handle contracts with standardized fields across different countries simplified the legal and administrative aspects of international business expansion.

  • Efficient Employee Management: Automated workflows for employee creation, updates, and payroll processing enhanced the overall management of human resources.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The overall efficiency of managing international expansion projects for Blueback Global's clients was significantly enhanced, contributing to smoother business operations and growth.

The implementation of Aggie in Blueback successfully addressed the complexities of international payroll and employee management, proving to be an invaluable tool for Blueback Global in its international business endeavors.

From Blueprint to Delivery


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Angular, Node.js, MySQL, Express, Knex.js, Sengrid, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Tech Stack Involved

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