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COP Canadian Orthodontic Partners

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COP Canadian Orthodontic Partners




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COP - Canadian Orthodontic Partners is a network of orthodontic clinics across Canada. 

The central challenge addressed by this project was the time-consuming process of generating contracts for orthodontic treatments in their network of clinics. 

They had the resources and the project idea  but couldn't find anyone reliable until they found Leanware.

The clinics faced challenges with manually inputting a wide array of patient information, managing different treatment plans, discounts, insurance details, and information about responsible parties. This not only made the contract creation process lengthy and prone to errors but also affected the overall efficiency and patient experience.

Leanware's primary goal was to simplify and expedite the treatment quoting and execution process across the clinic network.

The platform streamlines the entire process through a systematic 9-step flow, allowing for the efficient input of all necessary patient and treatment details. 

Features like digital signature flows, analytics, and customizable settings for managing clinics, users, and discounts enhance the functionality of the platform.



Our software development contributions to the COP Canadian Orthodontic Partners project included:

Full Stack App Development

Our team's full stack development expertise was crucial in creating an efficient and user-friendly application for COP Partners. 

On the front-end, our focus was on a clear, step-by-step process for inputting patient information, ensuring ease of use and accuracy. 

The back-end development included robust data management systems to handle various information types, such as treatment details, discounts, insurance, and patient data. 

This comprehensive approach ensured that the application was not only functionally efficient but also reliable and secure, catering to the needs of a vast network of orthodontic clinics.

Contract Generation Platform Development: 

We developed a web application that allows for efficient input of patient and treatment information, facilitating the creation of orthodontic treatment contracts.

Digital Signature Integration: 

The application includes a digital signature flow, enabling electronic signing of contracts, which streamlines the approval process.

Analytics Features: 

We incorporated analytics capabilities to help the clinics understand and optimize their operations based on data-driven insights.

Role-Based Backend Admin Panel:

We designed the web app with two main roles: Regular and Super Admin, with the latter having access to comprehensive settings and all clinic information.


Before Leanware:

  • Clinics within the COP network faced challenges in efficiently generating orthodontic treatment contracts.

  • The process was heavily time-consuming, particularly for patients with varying insurance statuses.

  • The patient onboarding and contract processes weren't standardized.

After Leanware’s Solution Approach:

  • Streamlined Contract Generation: The introduction of the 9-step flow significantly reduced the time required to create and finalize contracts.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The platform aims to reduce the time required for contract-related procedures by up to 80%.

  • Improved User Experience: The platform is user-friendly, catering to the needs of different users within the clinic network.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The analytics features enable clinics to make informed decisions based on real-time data and insights.

  • Administrative Control: The role-based access control, especially the Super Admin role, allows for effective management of the platform across multiple clinics.

Through these improvements, COP Canadian Orthodontic Partners has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of its contract generation process, significantly benefiting both the clinics and their patients.

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