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Staff Augmentation for a Software Consultant


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Staff Augmentation


ENOVIS is a software consultant firm based in Aruba.

They approached Leanware in search of a reliable partner capable of fulfilling the Staff Augmentation model to address the requirements of a local client project called.

ENOVIS' local client is a company that provides janitorial services across various markets, including hotels, industries, retail, etc., and also deals in the sale of supplies for these services. A primary challenge they face is the lack of clarity in tracking which janitor is working on which client project at any given time. 

Given that a client like a hotel may have multiple projects (e.g., window cleaning and pool filter maintenance), each involving different staff (janitors) and supplies, managing these projects efficiently becomes complex. This complexity is compounded when staff changes occur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, leading to cost variations and impacting project profitability.

Leanware's development team collaborated closely with ENOVIS to deliver the platform and solutions that the local client was seeking, under the Staff Augmentation Model.



Leanware's intervention to resolve ENOVIS' client challenges involved:

Custom Web Application Development: 

We developed a tailor-made web application designed to streamline the management of janitorial services and supplies.

Project and Staff Management Features: 

The application included functionalities to track the allocation of janitors to various projects, ensuring efficient staff deployment and management.

Cost Tracking and Reporting Features: 

The solution provided tools for tracking the costs associated with each project, including wage variations due to staff changes, helping to understand the profitability of each project.

Real-Time Visibility and Control: 

We implemented features that offered real-time visibility into project status, staff location, and resource utilization, enabling better control and decision-making.


Before Leanware:

  • ENOVIS struggled to find the right partner to fullfill their clients needs.

  • The local client's profitability was uncertain due to untracked cost variations and inefficient resource allocation.

After Implementing Leanware’s Solution:

  • Succesful Staff Augmentation Model: Leanware effectively supplemented ENOVIS’s in-house capabilities with specialized skills and resources, leading to significant improvements in their operations.

  • Improved Project Management: The custom web application allowed for efficient and transparent management of janitorial projects and staff assignments.

  • Enhanced Cost Tracking: Local client gained the ability to accurately track and report costs related to each project, taking into account staff changes and wage differences.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The solution provided ENOVIS with the tools to optimize resource allocation and staff management across various projects.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With real-time visibility into project statuses and costs, ENOVIS could make more informed decisions, improving the profitability and efficiency of their services.

From Blueprint to Delivery


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