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Leveraging Flutter for Startups: Fast App Development for Market Entry

Updated: Feb 26

In the fast-paced world of startups, speed is crucial. Startups can succeed — or fail — based on how quickly they bring their app to market. That’s why many startups are flocking to Flutter for rapid, trustworthy app development.

Flutter is an open-source SDK by Google used to build visually appealing and high-performing apps for iOS, Android, web, and desktop. Here at Leanware, Flutter helps us create beautiful, high-quality apps for startups in a fraction of the time — and cost — of native development.

So, why exactly is Flutter knocking it out of the park when it comes to startup app development? Let’s see what it brings to the plate.

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Flutter’s Rise to Fame

Since its unveiling in 2017 by Google, Flutter has rapidly risen in the ranks of app development frameworks.

Why Startups Are Turning to Flutter

Flutter adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. New Flutter apps are constantly hitting the Play Store, beating out even the most popular cross-platform frameworks.

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Here are seven reasons Flutter stands out when it comes to startup app development:

1. Scalability Through Flutter’s Unified Codebase

Because of Flutter’s single Dart codebase, our developers can write your application's code all at once. Once written, your code is then deployed across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web, etc.), all without having to worry about platform-specific implementations. For startups that are strapped for resources, this significantly lowers development and maintenance costs, especially compared to native app development.

2. Extensive Library of Widgets

Flutter's design philosophy centers around widgets, making it a breeze for developers to piece together complex UIs with minimal fuss. This widget-based architecture is a gold mine for speedy development, offering a plethora of tools to craft sleek, compliance-ready interfaces that feel perfectly at home on any device. Plus, Flutter's hot reload feature allows developers to instantly see the impact of their design tweaks in real-time without disrupting your app's flow.

3. Integration with Google’s Material Design

Flutter's integration with Google's Material Design is not just a feature; it's a game-changer for app development. Material Design is Google's design language that focuses on creating a coherent, tactile, and visually intuitive interface. It provides a unified set of guidelines for visuals, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. This deep integration means that Flutter apps quickly and inherently adhere to high design standards, ensuring a polished look and feel that users have come to expect from modern apps.

4. Integration with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)

Flutter's integration with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) represents a significant stride in crafting applications that resonate with iOS users. The HIG, maintained by Apple, is a comprehensive set of design principles aimed at creating intuitive, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces for Apple devices.

This integration is essential for developers aiming to deliver a superior iOS experience. By embracing HIG, Flutter ensures that apps not only perform seamlessly on Apple devices but also harmonize with the user expectations cultivated by the iOS ecosystem.

This alignment with HIG means that Flutter apps can leverage familiar patterns, typography, controls, and visual designs, which are integral to the Apple user experience. Consequently, apps built with Flutter are well-positioned to provide an interface that feels at home on iOS, maintaining a balance between Flutter's versatility and the distinctive ethos of Apple's design philosophy.

5. Vibrant Community and Rich Ecosystem

Flutter's thriving open-source community boasts over 27,000 GitHub contributors. With a treasure trove of learning materials, thorough documentation, and solid support, staying up to speed is a breeze. Plus, Flutter's extensive range of plugins makes adding complex features like payments and machine learning to your app as easy as pie. This means less time sweating over the basics and more time perfecting those unique touches that make your app stand out. See large industry apps like BMW showcased in the Flutter portfolio.

My BMW App developed with Flutter Banner
My BMW App developed with Flutter.

5. Ease of Integration with Backend Services

Backend services are crucial for processing logic, storing data, authenticating users, and handling various operations that are essential for the functionality of your app. Flutter works behind the scenes to support simple integration with backend services, using its asynchronous programming capabilities and support for common data formats like JSON. Dart's effectiveness in handling backend communications means your app can easily exchange data, keeping your development process smooth and efficient.

6. Low Development Costs

Thanks to Flutter's declarative UI framework, comprehensive widget library, and transformative hot reload feature, your development time and costs are significantly reduced. Flutter allows developers to craft full-featured, aesthetically pleasing apps with native performance — all without having to custom code your app for each platform you plan to use.

7. High Performance With a Native Feel

Flutter's magic lies in its ability to directly turn an app's code into the specific machine language used by smartphones and computers, sidestepping older web technologies like HTML or CSS. This direct translation means Flutter apps run just like the native apps found on iOS or Android devices. For startups, this is a game-changer –– especially when it comes to making a strong first impression. Users are more likely to trust an app that loads quickly, runs smoothly, and integrates seamlessly with their device's core design and features.

A Soaring Flutter Success Story: BackupTyping

At Leanware, we help startups reach new heights at lightning speed with apps that mean business. Our global team harnesses powerful frameworks like Flutter to optimize the app development process and save you significant costs. Just take a look at our client, BackupTyping.

Leanware transformed BackupTyping, a UK-based property dictation company, by replacing outdated software and manual processes with a sleek digital platform. This end-to-end solution, comprising both mobile and web apps, streamlined their entire business process, enhancing efficiency and user experience. By introducing role-based systems, advanced features like real-time notifications, and user-centric design, Leanware gave BackupTyping a high-functioning app that could scale at exponential speeds, setting the stage for future growth.

What We Did:

  • Conducted discovery-phase interviews to determine project design and trajectory

  • Developed a mobile and web app for streamlined transcription services.

  • Implemented a user experience design tailored to specific user needs.

  • Incorporated features such as chat, notifications, and a CRM system.

  • Established role-based access to enhance task management.


  • Significantly streamlined BackupTyping's business operations.

  • Enhanced user experience for both clients and the transcription team.

  • Improved role-based access control for better task management.

  • Strengthed app fluidity and functionality as a whole.

For a detailed exploration of this project, visit Leanware's case study on BackupTyping.

The Future of App Development with Flutter

Will Flutter be popular in the foreseeable future? The answer is a resounding yes. Backed by Google and a dedicated open-source community, Flutter is on the fast track to introducing game-changing updates and features:

Adoption of New Platforms

Flutter's support is branching out to include MacOS, Linux, Windows, and the web, marking a significant step towards true cross-platform development. This expansion means developers can use Flutter to create apps that run smoothly across a variety of devices, eliminating the traditional barriers posed by differing operating systems.

Improvements in Performance and Compilation

Continuous efforts are being made to enhance Flutter's performance, specifically in terms of its compilation technology and rendering speeds. By refining how apps are compiled and rendered, Flutter ensures developers have access to a high-performance framework that makes app development quick and reliable.

Expansion of the Widget Library and Design Flexibility

The Flutter widget library is continuously expanding, with each day bringing new, exciting additions. Future updates promise to unveil revolutionary widgets that offer unprecedented levels of customization, equipping developers with a sophisticated toolkit. This will undoubtedly spark a new era in app development, characterized by creativity and interactive experiences that engage users like never before.

Why Choose Leanware to Create A Powerful Flutter App?

With Leanware in your corner, you're not just getting a development team; you're getting a crew of app development specialists who live and breathe tech innovation. Here are three major reasons to choose Leanware for speedy startup app development with Flutter:

Global Expertise

Leanware's Columbia-based team is comprised of seasoned Flutter developers who bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the framework. Their expertise ensures that your app leverages the best practices and the latest features of Flutter, translating into superior app quality and performance. Plus, Leanware's use of overseas development brings cost efficiency without compromising on quality, ensuring your project benefits from global talent and diverse perspectives.

Customized Agile Methodologies

Understanding the dynamic nature of startups, Leanware employs flexible and customized agile methodologies. This allows for rapid iterations and adaptability to changes, ensuring that your app evolves in alignment with user feedback and market demands without unnecessary delays or costs.

Comprehensive Support from Concept to Launch

Leanware goes beyond mere coding, offering comprehensive support across the entire app development journey. From initial concept brainstorming and testing to the ultimate launch and beyond, Leanware provides strategic guidance, design proficiency, and ongoing post-launch assistance. This guarantees that startups not only materialize their vision but also attain enduring success in the fiercely competitive app landscape.

Start Developing Your Flutter App With Leanware

When it comes to your startup, there’s no time to wait.

By partnering with Leanware, startups can confidently accelerate their journey from concept to market, backed by a team that's committed to delivering exceptional results. 

Done waiting and ready to start creating your app? Contact Leanware today, and let’s get building.

FAQs: Flutter for Startups

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