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Outsourcing Software Development to Latin America: What You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 26

Latin America, with its rapidly evolving tech landscape, has emerged as a key player in the software development outsourcing arena.

As a Nearshore Software Development company we've explored the nuances of outsourcing to Latin America, covering the benefits, challenges, popular destinations, current trends, and tips for hiring and managing outsourced teams.

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Current Outsourcing Trends

In recent years, outsourcing has become a popular choice for IT, cybersecurity, and software development. Companies increasingly turn to Software Dev Outsourcing in countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, and other parts of South America. These regions have seen a surge in BPO services due to their skilled workforce and cost-effective solutions.

Governments in these countries have taken initiatives and investments to boost their IT industry, such as implementing education and training programs for young professionals. This has helped create a talented pool of proficient engineers in various development fields.

These outsourcing trends have been beneficial for both the companies and the countries providing the services, leading to a mutually beneficial partnership. As the demand for software development, IT, and cybersecurity services continues to grow, these trends are expected to further evolve in the future.


What are the Reasons Behind Companies Outsourcing to Latin America?

Nearshore Outsourcing offers a compelling blend of quality and cost-efficiency in software development outsourcing. A key advantage is the significant cost savings, with nearshore development rates approximately 46% lower than onshore rates in the U.S. Let's compare estimated hourly rates for common development roles between onshore and nearshore:


Onshore (US)

Nearshore (LatAm)

Business Analyst

$90 - $154

$29 - $68

UX/UI Designer

$70 - $130

$29 - $75


$80 - $148

$29 - $72

Lead Developer

$140 - $210

$29 - $82

Mid Level Developer 

$90 - $150 

$29 - $66

Senior Developer 

$125 - $175 

$29 - $82  

Countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil have become hubs of innovation, attracting major corporations and offering highly skilled programming professionals at competitive costs.


Top Quality Outcomes and Development Process

Outsourcing to Latin America provides access to a talented pool of developers capable of delivering high-quality software solutions, often comparable to or better than onshore developers, while also reducing costs.

The region's focus on tech education and adoption of the latest technologies ensures a workforce that is skilled and up-to-date with global tech trends.


Proximity and Cultural Similarities

The geographical proximity of Latin America to North America offers advantages in terms of similar time zones and cultural alignment. This proximity facilitates better communication and collaboration with American companies, making project management more efficient compared to outsourcing to distant countries. 


Programming Languages & Tech Stack

Latin American developers have proven themselves to be highly versatile and skilled in leveraging the most popular tech stack and programming languages to deliver exceptional software quality.

Whether it's Java, React, Flutter, Python, Angular, JavaScript, or Node.js, these developers are well-versed in using a wide range of programming technologies and frameworks to handle complex projects.


Popular Destinations for Outsourcing in Latin America

Latin America boasts several key destinations for software development outsourcing, each with its unique strengths.


colombia flag


According to Coursera's Global Skill Report released in 2023, Colombia ranks first in skill proficiency, which measures business, technology, and data science capabilities.

Colombia is quickly becoming a major player in the global outsourcing market, and several key factors are driving this growth. One of the main reasons is the strong ecosystem of high education and research institutions in the country, which are producing highly skilled and educated professionals. The government in Colombia is also very supportive of the tech industry, offering incentives and support for businesses looking to outsource to the country.

Additionally, Colombia has seen a significant increase in its tech workforce in recent years, with a growing number of talented individuals entering the industry. The country has a large number of software developers, with over 160,000 individuals knowledgeable in the latest technologies, making it a hub for new talent and innovative solutions.

The presence of successful tech startups and companies in Colombia has also contributed to its rising prominence in the outsourcing market. See why companies like Intellias choose Bogota for its LatAm headquarters.

These companies are not only creating job opportunities but also showcasing the country's potential in the tech industry. With all of these factors coming together, Colombia is quickly solidifying its position as a go-to destination for outsourcing, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their operations.

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Despite its political and economic situation, Argentina is still a formidable force in the global outsourcing arena, distinguished by several key attributes. Central to its appeal is a highly educated workforce, with a particular emphasis on software development and IT skills. This is complemented by a notable proficiency in English, making Argentina a compelling choice for international businesses.

The foundation of Argentina's prowess in technology lies in its robust ecosystem of universities and research institutions, which play a crucial role in cultivating skilled technological individuals. The government's supportive stance towards the tech industry, evidenced through various incentives and initiatives, further bolsters Argentina's position as a desirable outsourcing destination.

Moreover, the Argentine tech landscape is enriched by the presence of successful startups and established tech companies. These entities not only create job opportunities but also underscore Argentina's capability to deliver high-quality technological solutions. This vibrant combination of a talented workforce, proactive government support, and a dynamic tech ecosystem positions Argentina as a great option in the international outsourcing market.

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Brazil, the giant of South America, is the largest and most populous country in South America and is gaining influence as a pool of top-tier tech talent in Latin America

When it comes to externalizing tech projects, Brazil is a great destination for a variety of reasons. One of the key factors is the large pool of highly skilled tech specialists available in the country. With over 630,000 Brazilian software engineers working in IT services and an additional 133,000 specializing in software development, the country is well-equipped to meet the demands of the tech industry.

The country has a total of 12,000 active startups, performs well in the Global Innovation Index, and has made significant investments in the software market.

In addition, big global tech companies such as  Manychat, MongoDB, and Stripe have established a significant presence in Brazil, offering businesses the chance to collaborate and benefit from industry leaders.


costa rica flag

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a Central American gem, is rapidly becoming a preferred destination for software development and IT services. According to Education First, the country boasts a strong English proficiency, placing number 3 in Latin America, making it ideal for outsourcing. Its software industry excels in custom solutions, supported by a highly educated workforce and a culture of innovation.

A key advantage is Costa Rica's alignment with the Eastern US time zone, facilitating smooth communication for businesses. This, along with cultural compatibility with the US and lower operating costs, offers an economical yet effective outsourcing solution.

Despite global economic challenges, Costa Rica's economy is resilient, projected to grow by 3.2% in 2024. The stable political climate and robust infrastructure attract foreign investment, highlighted by the presence of tech giants like Intel and IBM. These factors, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and business-friendly policies, position Costa Rica not just as an outsourcing location, but as a strategic partner in the global tech landscape.


chile flag


Chile, known as "Chilecon Valley" in the tech world, has a vibrant and growing technology and innovation landscape. The country boasts a robust developer community and has seen high revenue generation in the software industry.

Chile places a strong emphasis on quality tech education, with various universities offering specialized programs in computer science and engineering. This focus on education has helped nurture a talented pool of IT professionals who are adept at cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Chile offers several advantages. The country's favorable time zone allows for real-time collaboration with North American clients. Additionally, Chile's stable economy and business-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for digital transformation projects.

Overall, Chile's thriving developer community, high software industry revenue, and emphasis on quality tech education make it a prime outsourcing destination for businesses looking for top-notch talent and innovative solutions.


mexico flag


Mexico produces over 130,000 engineers annually, supported by strong education standards and governmental efforts to cultivate the tech sector. With a large pool of talented IT professionals, including over 225,000 developers, making it an attractive outsourcing destination for businesses globally.

Additionally, the cultural and linguistic alignment with the U.S. is a major benefit. The shared border has led to a unique blend of cultures, reducing potential misunderstandings and fostering smoother collaboration. Proficiency in English among Mexican professionals further eases communication, essential for effective software development and IT projects.

In essence, Mexico's combination of a large, well-educated tech workforce, cost-effective labor, and cultural compatibility positions it as a top choice for U.S.-based companies looking to outsource software development and IT services. These factors not only ensure quality and efficiency but also promise a seamless integration with U.S. business practices.

Outsourcing software development to Latin America offers a unique blend of cost savings, quality, and convenience. By understanding the benefits, addressing the challenges, and following best practices for hiring and management, companies can leverage Latin American talent to enhance their software development capabilities.


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